Lead Generation

Somewhere along the way, you've heard about GenLead and tried to visit our website. So, now you're wondering - how have I ended up here?

Having worked with professional services for over 20 years, we know business development is so much more than lead generation. So, we've transitioned to Third Bounce to fix revenue generation in professional services firms.

We can help you source new clients, win more business and optimise revenue from existing clients...

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We just don’t meet enough new clients. Sound familiar? It’s something we hear time and time again.

When we unpick that with our clients, often they don’t have a plan, the skills, process, confidence or resources to fix it.

And that’s where we come in.

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To so many professional services firms, that’s a dirty word. 

You know you need to do it so you don’t stand still. The problem is, you’re a professional. You’ve earned your stripes training in your chosen field – and you missed the sessions where you learned how to win new business. Or, more likely, those sessions just never existed.

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We just don’t meet enough new clients to grow our business. Sound familiar? But how many of your clients buy more than one service, or from more than one practice?

Seeing it as the opportunity to help your client – acting in their best interests, if you like, rather than cross selling, is a good start.