Sell. To so many professional services firms, that’s a dirty word. 

You know you need to do it so you don’t stand still. The problem is, you’re a professional. You’ve earned your stripes training in your chosen field – and you missed the sessions where you learned how to win new business. Or, more likely, those sessions just never existed.


Does your business know what a good client looks like?  How many people in your business are good at winning new clients?

We won’t bore you with all the yucky technical stuff like methodology, pipeline, yawn, yawn. That’s the details, and yes, it’s important, but ultimately, you need to be able to close deals.

And that’s what we do.

We work with people like you. Helping them develop sales capability across the business.

What would it look like if you had a whole firm full of people who can win business? We can give you that as a number. Then we can help you to work out how, and help you to do it.

Would You Like To Be Benchmarked?

It costs nothing and gives complete clarity on what’s possible and what to focus on.