How we do it

Having worked with a wide range of clients and expert service providers, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. We get that’s it not always easy to generate revenue in a fee based business.

We wanted a way to benchmark lead generation capability in a single meeting, using a simple model. We came up with the 9 box approach.

9 Box Model.png
TB - Source box.jpg


What would your business look like if you had a repeatable way to bring new clients in?

TB - Sell box.jpg


How many people in your business have the right skills and confidence to win new business?

TB - Cross selling square 2 small.jpg


How many of your clients buy more than one thing from you? What impact could it make?

Why is the 9 box model important?

It gives you, your partners and us clarity on what areas to focus on.

What does that mean?

It gives you an indication of what percentage uplift other similar firms are achieving by doing the right things. And what those right things look like.

Want to find out what that looks like for your business?

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