Showing clients love in the car park


When I arrived at conference early on a damp, cold Cambridgeshire morning a couple of weeks ago, I bumped into a client in the car park.

He was also speaking at the event and had some stuff to unload. But he’d parked right at the far end. Of an empty car park.

In the rain.


I know some people worry about getting their car dented in a car park, but Jonathan Winchester (the MD of Insight6) never struck me as that sort of chap. So, before it started I asked him why he’d parked there.

He said he wanted to leave the best spaces for the clients. Wow!

He told me that whenever he visited a prospect, he could tell if they were committed to customer service before he’d even walked through the door. He checked if it was the clients or the staff that bagged the best spaces.

I’ve seen a few law firms where the partners have reserved spaces by the front door…

So now when I meet law firms that want help with premium pricing, I wonder if they realise that premium service shows up in the car park?

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Nicky Parker